Next Gen Nelson Co., inc. is proud to award it’s first annual “Enrich the Future Scholarship.” Students eligible for the scholarship must be graduating seniors (2016) from Bardstown High School, Bethlehem High School, Nelson County High School and Thomas Nelson High School, planning to pursue higher education at an accredited University or Vocational School.

Next Gen Nelson Co., Inc. offers a rare scholarship opportunity by rewarding ideas as opposed to requiring a minimum GPA for eligibility. All applicants were required to submit an essay up to 2,500 words based on the subject of, “What will enrich your future, and what programs, events, entities or opportunities would entice you to settle in the Bardstown community upon graduation?”

A $1,000 scholarship award will be granted to each of the following recipients:

Hannah Pate, from Bardstown High School:

Bardstown is a great town with many great opportunities and ideas already in place. However, with the addition of a YMCA, expanded Arts programs, more Entertainment Variety, Tax benefits for first time home owners, and a Community college, it would be virtually impossible to resist moving back to this great town I call home.

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Jonathan Whiteman, from Bethlehem High School:

Creating a man-made “Lake Nelson” would definitely have a major impact on our local economy. It would provide additional tourist income due to not just simply more tourists, but also longer and repetitive visits. It would provide additional jobs, and also bring the possibilities of more businesses as well. It would also generate economic benefits for the local government, homeowners, and businesses through higher property values and correspondingly higher tax assessments. Other benefits would include more recreation opportunities, a better water supply, and wildlife habitat.

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Britany Boling, from Nelson County High School:

Children that live in homes where drug deals and other issues occur have a higher risk of growing up not knowing what family life should consist of and do not receive proper role models in their life, which is a necessary component for positive youth development. Creating a mentor program in Nelson County would be a solution for these children, provide children a place they can to go to instead of causing trouble in the community. By reaching out to the children in our community that need role models it can also affect the future of Nelson County. When the kids we help have their own families they can become mentors in this program to help other kids in the community that are in need. Eventually the impact that this program has on the community would become visible throughout the community and its families.

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Ciara Sandefur, from Thomas Nelson High School:

Businesses and practices in Bardstown can help change the unemployment factor that many college graduates face after graduation. Places of business in Nelson County can offer internships to college graduates that would provide students with real life experiences and provide them with meaningful relationships within our community. The biggest advantage of providing internships to college graduates is that the student would hold a job in Bardstown and it is very likely that the student would stay in Bardstown or the surrounding area resulting in more economic growth. Also, these interns may find that Bardstown is a good place to start their business or practice of their very own also resulting in more economic activity.

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