Next Generation Nelson County was formed through a group of ideas. Town leaders and business leaders recognized that there was no one to replace them once they were ready to pass the baton. They knew that they needed to start an organization that exposed the emerging generation to many of the experiences they have encountered in order to prepare them for the future.

A small executive committee was formed to create the Next Generation Nelson County. This committee set out to expose areas of need for the younger generations. Initially, the committee used fundraisers to raise awareness of the NGNC and to help provide the necessary income to fund the various projects. The fundraisers are events that attract young people to the community and showcase the community from a youthful perspective.

Background & History


Strategic Plan

Next Generation’s strategic plan is designed to support our Mission and Vision while focusing on our long-term goals and ideas.
The strategic plan will be revisited on a regular basis to ensure ongoing relevance and to evaluate our progress towards meeting our desired goals.